Advanced Driving Academy

Course Information

The course is offered both online and in the classroom!


Payment Information:

  • Price: $55.00
  • Two methods of payment:
    1. Secure online payment with a credit or debit card.
    2. Call 662-429-2163 - make arrangements to pay by money order.

You have up to two weeks to complete the online course. So, take your time, and log in and out as often as you need.

After you complete the Internet course, you will be issued a Certificate of Completion to download or print. You will then take or mail the certificate to the court that is handling your citation....... It's that simple.

Before You Register:

Our course works with all modern browsers and most mobile devices. Please note that Internet Explorer is no longer supported. Please try Edge, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari instead.

In taking the online course, you will need a broadband (i.e. DSL, cable) connection. There is too much action packed video for a dial-up account to handle! Suggestion: If your computer connection is not compatible with our course, try another computer. Example local library, church, etc.

CLICK HERE to register for the online course.

Can't Take the Online Course?

If it is not possible for you to take our online course, you can take our classroom course, which is offered in 32 locations throughout Mississippi. Our classroom course uses the same state of the art technology and is taught by an expert driving instructor. You will be given a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

CLICK HERE to register for a classroom course.